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A collaboration story of 15 artists. Inspired by a year of artistic challenges and isolation with “Art” as the prevailing focus. We’re excited to showcase everyday artists, photographers, students, teachers, architects, and designers depicting their environment and sharing their vision. Explore oil, acrylic, watercolor, latex, embroidery pieces collaged together on our walls at Gallery Cafe (North Ave). Originals, prints, stickers, all available for Shipping or contactless pick up.

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Featuring Joe Miller at Gallery Café 2

Chicago native Joe Miller is a visual artist with a primary focus in painting and drawing. Through collaborations with city officials, journalists, filmmakers, homeless and you, Miller examines the city structures and mediums that mediate our not-so-everyday perception of the city’s political and economic operations. Recent projects include: The Empty Bubble Residency and Unity, a show comprised of works by he and fellow artist J. Thomas Pallas. He also works as a freelance artist, creating set designs, murals, paintings and more.