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Our vision

Since 1996, the Gallery Café has served to bring out the artist in everyone. Also serving breakfast and lunch sandwiches, we pride ourselves in providing you with

  • Fresh coffee from around the world,
  • Delicious sandwiches named after classic artist inspirations,
  • local artisan pastries,
  • and monthly art exhibits in the café, featuring artists in the community!

Art takes on many forms, and coffee is our canvas. We strive to explore the art of coffee, innovating with aromas and flavors and sharing our passion with our community along the way. All of our beans are roasted in small batches to order, so you can energize your inner artist.

Stop in today and be a part of our canvas! :)

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Our Coffee

At Gallery Café, our aim is to foster the flavors that fuel your inner artist. We work with our partner suppliers to bring you premium coffee from delicately harvested beans.

We only roast coffee to order—using a hot air chamber that brings the beans to the temperature where flavor is at its peak—so we can guarantee you the most fresh and flavorful coffee in our store and to your door. 




"A quaint coffee joint with more character then all the starbucks in wicker park"

-Hunter G. Google

"Coffee is always on point and consistent. The staff is lovely!"

— Matt F. Yelp

"Their mission is to help artist and make coffee"

-Ina Chicago Tribune