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 small batch ROASTING

A key part of our canvas to cup process is exemplified by small batch roasting.  Roasting in small batches of 3-5 lbs, allows us to monitor the beans and reach temperatures to bring out the flavor and clarity in each cycle. 

Art takes on many forms, coffee is one. Our mission is to explore the art of coffee, create from within, and share with our community.  All of our coffee is roasted small batches so that we can foster the flavors to fuel the inner artist in you | From Cup. 
Thank You for being a part of our canvas.

All coffee can be purchased in store at 1760 w North ave.  Call ahead to have a batch roasted just for you at 773-252-8228.

We are currently roasting the following single origin coffees

Small Batch Roasting is our method.We roast in-house, every day, so that you're drinking coffee at its peak freshness.  call and ask for Fresh roasted coffee beans today!